Scott Brown has been the executive administrator for Dick Reuben Evangelistic Association since 1999.  Scott was formerly the Dean of Students for the Brownsville Revival School of Ministry.  As administrator, Scott is able to utilize his gifting for "second chariot" ministry (Gen.41:43). From overseeing the every day inner workings of Dick Reuben Evangelistic Association, Scott has been able to grow and support Dick & Deanne in fulfilling their call to the nations.

Scott is an author, teacher, and visionary and in 2006 began the tandem ministry The Mordecai Brown Legacy Foundation. To find out more about this new cutting edge and strategic ministry visit his web site at

Numerous other individuals fill an array of roles within our ministry staff.  Each of them is vital in helping us to accomplish our service and ministry to you. Our staff artist is nationally known illustrator Luis Lopez. And our direct accounting needs are attended to lovingly by Richard Brown.